Your Donations Provide:

  • Transportation

    Transport to pick-up lost or abandoned pets and deliver them to their foster home until they are adopted.

  • Medical Care

    Many animals come to us in need of a vet visit, routine shots, microchipping, and medicine.

  • Food

    Pet food is in constant need for our fosters - every donation helps support and sustain our efforts.

  • Bedding

    Each animal receives comfort and care during their foster stay including bedding, blankets, and towels.

  • Outreach

    It is our attempt to reach the highest number residents as possible with information about our organization, animal care tips, the importants of spaying/neutering, community events, and education.

  • Necessities

    Crates, water/food bowls, teething toys for puppies/kittens, dental products, etc.

  • Flea/Tick Control

    To keep our fosters happy and healthy, there is a definite need here in South Putnam County.

  • Event Sponsorship

    Supplies, tables, chairs, and transportation.

Happy Tails

These are the success stories that keep us going - seeing the forever homes and happy tails of the South Putnam animals we were able to help have a better life. This is what it's all about!


Freckles was picked up by Animal Control, who could not afford vet him due to the severity of his situation. SPAN stepped in to get him to a vet for evaluation. Dr. Kanfer saw Freckles and scheduled him for surgery in 2 days to remove the tumor, if possible. As SPAN is not a rescue, we were very excited that our great friends at Florida Urgent Rescue (F.U.R.) scooped up Freckles without a second thought. With their superior veterinary and fostering partners we knew Freckles would have the best care available, so Linda, Brett & Chris said goodbye to sweet Freckles and handed him over to Jeanne from F.U.R. Unfortunately, Freckles tumor is cancerous, and the cancer has spread. Due to his age and condition, surgery and treatment could be life-threatening. So, Freckles will live out the remainder of his life in the comfort of his foster mom Lauren's home.

SPAN Happy Tails Vet Sponsorship Help


It's early. It's cold. It's meter read day in Welaka. The city workers start the truck and hear a strange noise. They instantly turn it off and open the hood. There it Is! A tiny kitten! But it's not good. He had been hiding in the truck for warmth and shelter. Now he was hurt pretty bad from his ordeal. Thankfully they called SPAN! In a matter of minutes our volunteers picked up kitty and took him to the veterinarian. It was a long recovery and his foster mom did an amazing job keeping up with his treatment! They created such a bond that his foster mom adopted him. She named him Ford after the truck he was found in. Just look at him now - so happy and healthy! Ford says "Please, before you start your vehicle please check for cats. Sometimes we hide there for shelter or to keep warm. Tap the hood or beep the horn to get us to move along. It could save a life!"

SPAN Vet Assistance Help Kitten Injury Ford

Best Friends:

Buddy Found His Forever Home! How sweet is that?

SPAN Success Adoption

Lots of Love:

Happy-faced Lala found her forever home! Look at that smile!

SPAN Success Adoption

Fur-ever Home Found:

This pup found his furever boy thanks to SPAN's help!

SPAN Success Animal Help Vet Assistance

Happily Ever After...

What a happy family! Two puppies for two little girls, what a perfect match!

SPAN Success Stories Puppy Puppies Forever Home

Assistance To Our Community

Striving To Make A Better Life For Them

SPAN is active in the South Putnam County area of Florida, including Crescent City, Georgetown, Pomona Park, Welatka and other surrounding areas. SPAN assists pet owners in need with emergency care (including Spay and Neuter when appropriate). Our mission is “to help animals in temporary need through a fostering network and provide a bridge for resources, information, and education to our community”.